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MindFuel Breaks

Why MindFuel Breaks?

Give your team an opportunity to relax, unwind, and recharge with this unique mental health break. You can choose from guided practices like yoga flow and meditation or sound healing and mindset activities to stave off stress. You can also include a mini wellness package with snacks and refreshments so that your team members can enjoy their time away from the office.


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Meditation Las Vegas

There are many benefits to meditation, especially in the workplace. Meditation minimizes stress, lowers anxiety, and strengthens mental health. At work, stress and anxiety can feel overwhelming. We are here to help you clear your mind and find peace during MindFuel Breaks. We provide an opportunity to take a break with our guided meditation sessions designed to help your team relax and de-stress, lowering anxiety and stress levels. It’s the perfect way to re-energize the workday.

Mindfulness Las Vegas

Taking time to pause and “reset” is the key to success. Mindfulness is a state of presence, acceptance, and curiosity. We can access this when we take moments to pause and reconnect with our body, mind, and inner self. MindFuel Breaks encourage the power of pausing from the day-to-day to reset & recharge. 

Breath Work Las Vegas

Breathwork is a technology of the mind. It’s a transformative practice that can help us better understand our bodies, minds, and emotions and gain insight into what’s happening in our immediate reality and on a deeper soul level. Breath has the power to alter your mood and mental state - when you are rooted in your body-mind connection through breathing, you allow yourself to be present with whatever life brings you - good or bad experiences. When you’re present with life, you feel less reactive to its circumstances and more in control of your thoughts and actions because you have consciously chosen them before acting. Breathing can have that calming effect on our lives!

MindFuel Breaks - The Power of Pausing

Mindfulness is a core principle of our wellness philosophy at MindFuel in Motion. It’s about looking inward, being present, and centering oneself. MindFuel Breaks are a tool to help us do just that - by taking a pause throughout the day to reset and re-energize.

MindFuel Breaks are created by taking into account the different needs and schedules of your office. Typically breaks can be as short as thirty minutes and as long as two hours. We work with you and your organization or business in accordance with how your office operates and flows naturally when it comes to taking breaks.

How long is a MindFuel Break? 

A MindFuel Break brings mindfulness classes to your office. You can choose movement (yoga, stretching, foam rolling), meditation (guided experience with music), sound healing (live playing of instruments), and mindset activities (journaling, coloring). We also offer a mini wellness package with snacks and refreshments. 

What is included with the MindFuel Break? 

MindFuel Breaks are wellness classes brought to your office with light guidance and instruction. MindFuel Workshops focus on engagement, learning, and providing the tools to have healthy habits for life.

What is the difference between a MindFuel Break and a MindFuel Workshop? 


Nourishing the mind with MindFuel in Motion.

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